NFL alternate helmets: Here’s why Eagles and others reportedly won’t be wearing throwbacks in 2022

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NFL teams can begin wearing throwback uniforms again starting in 2022, but one franchise already has put the kibosh on the return of a popular throwback jersey — all thanks to the league’s version of “fine print.” 

The Philadelphia Eagles have submitted to the league their uniform selection for 2022 (per Rob Tornoe of, as the NFL had a deadline for next year’s uniform attire that passed prior to the league approving the use of an alternative helmet last week. Philadelphia will wear its black alternate jersey the franchise debuted in 2003 (and has used every year except the 2007, 2010, and 2011 seasons). 

Many teams will face a similar issue like the Eagles in the coming weeks, since they didn’t have enough ample time to submit to the league a throwback uniform knowing the NFL was going to approve the use of an alternate helmet as soon as next year. If a team wasn’t already planning to wear a throwback, it won’t be able to add one at this point. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be one of the first teams to reintroduce the throwback uniform in 2022, as they anticipated the alternate helmet was coming sooner rather than later. If the Buccaneers submitted their Creamsicle throwbacks for the 2022 season, the alternate helmets likely are coming too as the franchise has until July 31 to submit the proposal to the league. The Denver Broncos already have an orange throwback jersey they wear with the navy blue helmet, so all the franchise has to submit to the league is the baby blue helmets it wore from 1967 to 1996. Denver could — theoretically — reintroduce its throwbacks as soon as 2022.

The Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons already have throwback uniforms in the cycle. All they need to submit to the league are the proper helmets (Cowboys white and Falcons red). 

As for the majority of teams with popular throwback uniforms, they remain in the same dilemma as the Eagles. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots are two teams that might have to wait until 2023 to bring back their throwbacks. 

The NFL made it impossible for teams to bring back throwback uniforms at the earliest convenience — thanks to approving the alternate helmet proposal past the deadline to submit the 2022 uniforms. If the alternate helmets were approved in March of April, many teams would have a different uniform plan in 2022.

Teams could improvise with new alternate helmets next year. The Eagles could always submit a black helmet to go with their black alternate jerseys and alternate pants. The Seahawks could still use the silver helmets with their current uniform combination. 

Just some food for thought. 

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