Letters to the Editor — July 8, 2021

The Issue: Gov. Cuomo’s declaration of a “disaster emergency” due to a rise in gun violence in New York.

With typical jaw-dropping chutzpah, his Royal Arrogance — Gov. Cuo­mo — only now says there is a gun-violence crisis in New York, and he will save us all by issuing an emergency declaration to combat the terror (“Empire under assault,” July 7).

Has he been asleep for the past 17 months? This charlatan pretends to be looking for the “root causes” of the mayhem when all he has to do is look in the mirror and at state lawmakers.

Their no-bail law and other criminal-justice “reforms” have turned New York state into a mortiferous environment. These laws have handcuffed the police.

If our elected officials will not perform the primary function of keeping the public safe, then it is imperative for voters to ensure that they find another line of work.

James McCaffrey


The governor declared New York to be in a state of “disaster emergency.”

Who, pray tell, signed the legislation that created this monster?

Cuomo and his liberal cadre of state senators and assemblymen have a lot to answer for regarding the shootings and violence occurring in New York City.

It is beyond disgraceful. Please, Andrew, stop with the theatrics, reverse the no-bail reform and allow the police and judges to do their job. Only then will you see a diminution in crime and violence.

Jackie Biaggi

The Bronx

The teenage suspect turned himself in to the police after the shooting.
The teenage suspect who turned himself in for the recent Times Square shooting, one of many that have throw NYC into chaos.

Every day we see shootings, murders, robberies, rapes and other crimes on city streets, often committed by repeat offenders who are on the streets because of no-bail laws and other nonsensically permissive policies.

Our leaders’ responses to this lawless carnage are ludicrous and insulting. Cuomo vows to combat the import of illegal guns into his state, which murderers already possess. Mayor de Blasio insists the “problem” is worse in other cities.

When are we going to wake up and throw these supposed leaders out?

Children in our communities are being shot and killed. When will we, the people, elect leaders who will protect us? If we don’t, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Marc Kasowitz


Desperate to change the topic from his sex-harassment charges and his deadly mismanagement of nursing homes, Cuo­mo has decided that gun violence in New York City is a problem.

Since he and his fellow liberals want to defund the police, his solutions cannot involve more policing. And since the governor never accepts blame for his mistakes, reinstating bail and allowing prosecutors to actually prosecute are not options.

The new “epidemic of gun violence” arose out of the criminal-friendly politics of the progressives.

Criminals who commit crimes with guns must be punished. The laws to do so are on the books. All the governor has to do is to enforce them.

Robert Mangi


How brain-dead does someone have to be to take Cuomo seriously, as if what he says isn’t all about saving his own political hide and absolutely nothing else?

His “root causes” approach to gun violence will be exactly as effective as Vice President Kamala Harris’ “root causes” approach has been at the border.

The grotesque irony, to top it all off, is that Cuo­mo’s nursing-home policy killed more people than the all the gun-toting thugs running around New York this year. Cuomo must go — the sooner, the better.

David Rabinowitz


The governor has decided to declare a state of emergency due to the gun violence in the city.

It’s been this way in New York City for more than a year already.

Both the mayor and governor have taken away the NYPD’s ability to perform its duties, and even if officers arrest someone, the courts let them go.

There is a solution to this problem, which is to bring in a new governor who will have a plan of action to go after all lawbreakers.

Joseph Comperchio


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