Biden White House runs interference for Hunter’s latest sleaze

First Son Hunter Biden is expecting to score big for the abstract expressionist works he’ll showcase in a solo SoHo exhibition in October. If he does, it’ll be just his latest sleazy cash-in on the family name.  

Yet the White House is pretending it can all be kept clean by having the dealer keep the buyers anonymous along with guarantees to reject any suspicious offers above the asking price.

But Hunter says he expects to pull up to half a million bucks apiece, which makes the asking price plenty suspicious. Even art aficionado Alex Acevedo, who says he’s “floored” by Biden’s self-taught skill, sees the proper price for this level of work as $25,000 to $100,000. But the most likely buyers won’t be paying for the art.

And nothing can stop the buyers from quietly letting their purchase be known — just display it at a DC cocktail party.

Walter Shaub, the Obama ethics chief, slammed the White House for not publicly condemning Hunter’s shameless display, telling Fox News: “White House officials getting involved in any way other than to request transparency amounts to effectively putting an official stamp of approval on the president’s son trading on his father’s public service.”

What else could America expect? It’s the Biden family way.

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