Avoid Swamp Ass With the Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear

There’s nothing worse than dealing with sweaty, stinky and itchy junk in the summer. But as the temperatures start to rise, picking the right pair of cooling underwear can help keep your junk comfortable all season long. (Looking for a new pair of regular underwear? Here are our picks for 25 of the best.) The right pair will also help prevent you from swamp ass. That’s right… it’s a real thing.

“Swamp ass develops when there is a high amount of perspiration between the cheeks of the butt, leading to skin irritation, along with overgrowth of yeast and bacteria,” dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, previously told Men’s Health.

Fabric is important to prevent swamp ass and help you stay cool. Look for underwear that is made of a blend with nylon and some spandex. Nylon is moisture-wicking and the fabric won’t pill or stretch out. However, a little spandex in the fabric helps for movement with easy and extra comfort. Or try modal or micromodal fabric. Made from beech tree, it’s soft, lightweight, shrink-resistant and moisture-wicking.

And while choosing underwear made of the right fabrics can help prevent it, you should also consider swapping out your underwear more regularly if you’re typically pretty moist down there. “If you tend to sweat a lot, keep a change of underwear with you so you can swap them out in the middle of the day if you get sweaty,” says Zeichner. That goes double if you’re wearing your underwear in the gym. Lots of guys opt for compression shorts—but if you want to stay with tried-and-true underwear, you’ll want a moisture-wicking option.

Looking to invest in a few pairs of moisture-wicking underwear to go under your gym shorts? Below, our 16 picks of the best and (most importantly) coolest pairs of moisture-wicking boxers and briefs on the market.

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