Meet Tori Bell: The Founder of Black Women at Facebook and Inclusion Unpacked

As Juneteenth recently passed—making history by officially becoming a federal holiday—we were all reminded as allies and advocates that there is still much work to be done. A leader in the anti-racism movement is the passionate Tori Bell. Bell began her community-centered diversity work by creating the global employee resource group Black Women at Facebook, which now has over 2500 members and allies who support those who identify as Black women within the major tech company. Black Women at Facebook eventually led Bell to build her own brilliant newsletter, Inclusion Unpacked, that supplies the tools to begin an allyship journey, seamlessly providing weekly diversity, equity, and inclusion resources. Bell has filled a void by combining community and education, reaching people wherever they are in their allyship journey and, in turn, making a major impact in the anti-racism movement.

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