Mark My Words: María Isabel Is the Sound and Style Icon of the Summer

There are a few sensations in life that qualify as magical, but the discovery of something new is at the top of that list. Finding rising AAPI fashion brands, new skincare tools, or a new television show to watch is exciting, but we’d be lying if we said that anything held a candle to shuffling through Spotify to find a new musician, especially when that musician is rising Latina R&B singer María Isabel. 

The Dominican American singer’s sound is the type of music to put on in the background while driving to the beach or when all of the windows at home are open while you’re cleaning out your closet. Fusing guitar with electric elements, her sound goes from soulful breakup melodies encapsulated in songs like “Distance” to pop-inspired self-love anthems like “Buy Your Own Flowers.” The result is an artist who explores everything from relationships to mental health through the magic of music. Isabel’s debut EP, Stuck in the Sky, has been propelling her into the spotlight, but the first time I spotted her, I couldn’t stop thinking about her style. 

Fusing risqué trends with vintage pieces, Isabel’s eclectic sense of style is similar to her music: It takes the best elements of everything and melds them together for something completely new. As an artist, Isabel is a treasure trove of inspiration, but you don’t have to take my word for it. I spoke with her about everything from her love for shopping on Depop to the musicians who inspire her. Keep reading to meet the singer behind our new summer anthem.

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