All the Hot Girl Summer Dress Trends That Will Define 2021

In the blink of an eye, this summer built up the stigma of being everyone’s hottest Hot Girl Summer ever. The excitement and anticipation for our social lives to finally look a lot like they used to set the stage for fire ‘fits and positive attitudes across the board. In case you aren’t familiar with what Hot Girl Summer means in 2021, read this. This “hot girl” mentality and lifestyle doesn’t look exactly as it used to back when it had a more negative connotation. These days, the phrase “hot girl summer” actually couldn’t be more empowering. Jasmine Fox-Suliaman said it best in her article where she explained that Hot Girl Summer is all about “embodying self-love, a positive body image, healthy boundaries and relationships, self-actualization, and, of course, sultry style choices.”

Looking to channel that energy this season? Then I highly suggest you try out one of the 6 dress trends below. Lately, many risqué trends have bubbled to the surface, but if we know anything about our readers it’s that you all love a good dress. With that, I present to you the dress trends that will define Hot Girl Summer. From cutouts to semi-sheer moments, the assortment of stunning frocks below will have your jaws dropped and your wallets out, just watch. 

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