5 Wardrobe Staples I’m Buying Before I Turn 30 Next Month

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

Listen, I’m all about the idea of ageless fashion. I’m a firm believer that you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but for many of us, that does indeed change as we get older. It’s not so much about “dressing your age”—whatever that means—it’s about wearing only what you truly love, spending money on pieces you can wear all the time, and treating yourself to someone fancy every now and then. 

Below, I’ve rounded up 5 staples I’m zeroing in on as I approach my 30th birthday. Some of them are closet upgrades that I definitely deserve, while others are practical pieces that I’ll get a ton of mileage out of. Scroll down to shop my picks. 

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