Rick Ross Finally Gets His Driver’s License

Rick Ross has hit a milestone — at the age of 45 years old, he finally got his driver’s license!

The rapper told TODAY, “I actually was driven to the test. I have over 100 cars, and I just hadn’t had my license. So whenever I go joy riding, know, it was just one of those things.”

He also added, “My mom and sister pressured me, finally, so I went, took the test. It took me an hour. You know, I missed a few answers but I got it, I got it.”

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Ross divulged that whenever he was pulled over by police, he managed to charm the  cops out of writing him a ticket, “It’s just something about my smile… Anytime I got pulled over, by the time the officer walked up.”

Ross’ luxurious car collection is filled with classics. The longtime collector keeps his fans up to date as his collection grows, and one of his latest is the 1955 Chevrolet Rag Belair, see below:

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